“Just like Daddy”!!

Dark Green Waistpants and Jacket. 100 % waterproof. Made of patented Plavitex. Pants have welded seams, elasticated legs and an elastic band that goes under the welly. Jackets have a detachable hood, reflective bands, zip and snaps.Waterproof TrousersDSC_0141

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Kids Waterproof Trousers

Waterproof TrousersDSC_0136DSC_0138NEW!!
100% Waterproof Waistpants for children. Made as usual in patented Plavitex. Welded seams and elasticated legs with an elastic strap that goes around the bottom of the welly! For all those that prefer the more traditional approch to waterproof clothing. Available in Dark Green, Dark blue and Pink

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They are going to revolutionise my life!

I am so pleased with these waders, not only do they look GREAT (in quality and design) but they are going to revolutionise my life!! My sons, particularly number one is an absolute magnet for water and mud, he truly does not understand the concept of not getting fully stuck in wherever we are, the only time we return from any walk near water and it hasn’t gone over his boots (up to his thighs usually) is when we threaten him with pain of something serious! On holiday in Kent recently he had to wear his slippers some days because his shoes and boots were both drying on radiators. Going for a paddle along the beach for Reuben means walking into the waves until he’s waist deep, he doesn’t seem to care about the cold, the number of times we’ve had to do a full strip down behind trees or in dodgy public toilets and reclothe him in anything we can find that’s dry! But then again, most of the time I do find it hard to curb his fun… It is a natural attraction!
So thank you.
I am sure I will be back for larger sizes in the future.
Thank you again
With best wishes

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200 pairs of PlayWaders!

200pairs of Playwaders coming in next Thursday (December 10)….the long wait is soon over…..thanks to all or loyal customers for their patience! And remember that PlayWaders make a great practical Christmas gift! 

Natalie1Baby WaderChildrens Clothing

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New Stock

Bit low on stocks of Playwaders due to a Huge order recently! Don`t panic……..more stock due in at the end of November…..FOUR NEW EXCITING DESIGNS!!! STAY TUNED!! 🙂


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Worldwide from We Do Safe and Dry :)

We Do Safe and Dry ship worldwide.
Our webshop shows prices in these currencies:

EURO  – €
British Pounds – £
Canadian Dollars – CAN$
US Dollars  –  US$

Payment in euro only…….no problem with PayPal!!

Simon & Else

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GLAS 2015

Garden Landscape Amenity Sportsturf = GLAS Trade Show.


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I went looking for waders for my 3 year old son after many days of water filled wellies, soaking wet socks and a hot water bill that would frighten you!  To say that these waders were everything I had hoped for is an understatement.  My 3 year old took a while to come around to them but as soon as he realised he could sit in the water on the beach in them, he was converted too.  They have been a God send.  As a mother of 2 small boys, I’m a firm believer in exhausting them to save my own sanity.  These allow me do just that in all weathers.  They have saved my sanity.  Thank you so much…..  Tara Mullen, Dublin

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Happy St.Patricks Day

St. Patrick's Day rainbow

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waterproof armlets for the meat industry, butchers and ideal for dairy farmers, keeping your arms/sleeves dry.


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