1. What is PLAVITEX?

Plavitex is a patented fabric. It is a mixture of PVC and PU. Unlike ordinary PVC, it will remain supple down to very low temperatures (-50C), Ordinary PVC will with lower temperatures and age, crack and leak. Not so with Plavitex.

2. How many different Plavitex fabrics are there?

Put simply, there are various thicknesses of fabric. Ranging from 0.3mm to 0.7mm There are then various finishes and additives that produce different unique qualities.
  • Standard
  • Fluorescent
  • Antistatic
  • Acid/Lyeproof
  • Flame retardant

3. How do I buy the correct size?

Please go to the SIZES page, to see the various size charts. If in doubt please contact us.We are here to help!

4. Aren’t waders for fishing?

Traditionally, waders are best known amongst anglers. However waders are frequently used by rescue workers after natural disasters, Oil rig workers and miners. And for kids, our waders in bright colours and wellies with cute designs, make them perfect for staying dry in the worst of conditions... no more waterproof trousers either riding up or sliding down! No more changing wet socks and clothes! Perfect for jumping in puddles, sliding down a wet slide or mucking around the farm.

5. How do I wash kids waders?

We recommend you wash our products by hand in 30°C. Fill the Wader up with water, put detergents in it, and let it soak for a while. Pour out the water and rinse well. You can, of course, wash waders in the washing machine from time to time, but as with all other rainwear, the rubbing against the walls of the machine's drum, wears the wader out quicker. Wash it by hand and it will keep its strength longer.

Drip drying: Hang it upside down so the water can drain.
In airing cupboard: Hang it upright, using the straps provided.
On heated floors: Put the boots on the floor and fold the trouser down.
The Playground Wader dries faster if you dry it inside out.
How to help your child get into the wader by itself:
Fold the trousers down the outside of the wader, your child steps in and pulls them up! 🙂

6. Any safety tips?

Safety using the Playground Wader!
WARNING: If you use the Playground Wader near or at the open sea, always use an approved lifevest!

The Playground Wader is first and foremost designed to use on land, in the forest, at the mountain and in the Kindergarden or daycarecenter and outdoor in rainy weather, and NOT in the sea. It is supposed to keep the child dry when he or she is playing in the ponds.

If you have to use the Playground Wader at the open sea, there always has to be an adult present and the child has to wear an approved lifevest at any time. If the child falls into the water, not wearing a lifevest, the wader will be filled up with water, air will be pushed into the boots, the child's feet will float up, and the upper body and head will be pushed under water. The child MUST wear an approved lifevest, to keep the upper body floating.

Because of the risk of water filling up inside the wader, we recommend to use a lifevest that holds 10 kg more than the child's weight. If the lifevest is properly adjusted around the waist, it will keep the water from flowing into the wader too.


7. Do you sell wholesale?

We sell wholesale to retailers. Please contact us for terms and conditions etc.

8. Do you ship worldwide?

YES! Although our web shop is set up for Ireland, UK, USA and Canada, we do ship worldwide. Just drop us an email with what you would like , and we will reply with a quote for items and shipping costs. It really is that simple.....welcome!!

9. How long is delivery?

We send all items to Ireland and the UK by courier. Usually next day delivery within mainland Ireland and to the UK within 72 hours. Other destinations are shipped by the Irish Postal Service (An Post). This is the cheapest! Usually to Canada and the US within 5 working days.


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